What is OEE?

What is OEE?

OEE is a percentage calculation of availability, performance and quality that summarizes how well a production line or a piece of machinery is operating.

Many manufacturing companies do not utilize the full potential of their production equipment.

Stop times and reasons are not recorded consistently and performance and product quality often suffer as a consequence.

Let OEE reveal your hidden potential

Measuring the Overall Equipment Effectiveness of your production will provide you with a clear picture of how well your equipment is operating.

When you have real-time data available measuring the performance and quality of your production, you will be able to act accordingly.

Downtime can be planned more efficiently, product quality can be improved and maintenance can be carried out based on actual performance instead of assumptions.

Real-time reporting

Using the DIAP OEE application, you can keep track of your production in real-time and historically.

Different report types give you an overview of the current status of your production. The real-time OEE data enables on-the-spot-action, while the detailed historical data makes it possible to determine the long-term areas of improvement.

Easy overview

The DIAP OEE dashboards provide you with a detailed visualization of your equipment‘s performance.

The interface is designed so you can easily spot the hidden potential of your production e.g. by comparing the same machine at different locations.

You can sort data based on period, product, order, operating shifts etc.

Line-specific stop causes

The OEE application lets you enter line-specific stops reasons providing you with a clear overview of when and why the line has been stopped. This will allow you to take the corrective actions that will optimize your production.

The valuable data provided by DIAP OEE can be used by both managers and operators to plan production more efficiently and improve productivity significantly.