What does a DIAP package contain?

Unpacking and inspecting

Carefully open the package and ensure that all items are included.
Inspect all items for damage. In case any of the included items have been damaged during transport, please contact your distributor to arrange a replacement. Repack all items and return the entire package to the distributor according to the agreement made.
All packing material must be disposed in accordance with local rules and guidelines. 

Technical overview

Package content

Together with your DIAP, a number of additional items are included. The following content is included in the package:

  1. DIAP Gateway
  2. Breakout box
  3. Power connector
  4. 1x Wi-Fi + 2x 4G antenna
  5. Ethernet cable
  6. Flat ribbon cable

Front view of the DIAP

  1. Indicators for power and internet
  2. Connection of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G antennas
  3. I/O connectivity
  4. Power supply
  5. USB
  6. Ethernet (only Ethernet port 1 works as intended)
  7. HDMI
  8. SIM and SD card