Overview of DIAP versions and support of protocols

In the following table, you will be able to see an overview of when the different protocols are supported. The "Protocol name" and "Devices" will show information about the protocol. DIAP version will show in which DIAP version the latest version of the protocol has been implemented.

Contact DIAP support at support@dataintel.dk in order to get your DIAP updated to the required version.

Protocol name Devices DIAP version
GPIO Analog and digital sensors attached to DIAP 10
S7 Siemens S7 and compatible devices 12
Robot protocol With labels Robots and other devices able to communicate with flat files with delimiters 12
Robot protocol Without labels
OPC UA OPCUA compatible devices and servers 12
XML File XML files pulled from defined location
(local, ftp, sftp)
IBH link S5/S7 S5/S7 compatible devices connected
through IBH link adapters
Modbus / TCP Modbus / TCP compatible devices 17
Modbus / RTU Modbus / RTU compatible devices 17
Calculated inputs The sources are other devices’ tags 19
FINS protocol FINS compatible devices 20
IFM TCP/IP protocol IFM TCP/IP compatible devices 21
Ethernet / IP Allan Bradley/Rockwell
And other E/IP compatible
VSE Device VSE devices 21
Ethernet / IP - addition

Interroll MultiControl
Support of implicit messaging
Optimized discovery of tags