How to use use USB-Ethernet adapters with DIAP


You can use USB-Ethernet adapters and connect them to the DIAP USB slots. This guide shows you how.


Most adapter types with the chipset Realtek RTL8153 will work. Adapters will work as soon as they are plugged in the DIAP.

1. To setup the adapter, navigate to the DIAP Ethernet settings and select Eth1 from the dropdown menu.

2. Select "Eth1 adapter" and click the button "+ Add new" to add an IP address for the new USB-Ethernet adapter.

3. Complete the rest of the configuration in the same way as any other Ethernet configuration.

Tested and approved adaptors:

Name Type Producer

USB3GIG USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

USB3GIG-EJ Linksys

USB 3.0 Metal Gigabit Ethernet Adapter