How to import Stop codes using Excel


  • This guide describes how to import Stop codes using Excel

Import Stop codes

To get a list over Stop causes to use as template for importing:

In Configuration->Stop cause:

Click the "Export to Excel" button: 

Click the "Stop codes" button:

Now you have the stop code template, with all your stop causes in it:

To a assign a Stop code to a Stop cause, just enter the number in the Stop code columns on same row as the stop cause is in:

You can assign several stop codes to the same stop cause, by comma separate the values (here code 7, 9 and 13 is assign to the stop cause Machine stopped):


Remove the rows without stop codes:

To import these stop codes go to Configuration->Stop units:

Select the unit, that should use these stop codes:

Click tab "Stop codes":

Click the "Import stop codes" button:

Select your excel file in the file selector:

Click the "Upload" button:

And the stop codes has now been created: