How to import Stop codes using Excel


  • This guide describes how to import Stop codes using Excel

Import Stop codes

To get a list over Stop causes to use as template for importing:

In Configuration->Stop cause:

Click the "Export to Excel" button: 

Click the "Stop codes" button:

Now you have the stop code template, with all your stop causes in it:

To a assign a Stop code to a Stop cause, just enter the number in the Stop code columns on same row as the stop cause is in:

You can assign several stop codes to the same stop cause, by comma separate the values (here code 7, 9 and 13 is assign to the stop cause Machine stopped):


Remove the rows without stop codes:

To import these stop codes go to Configuration->Stop units:

Select the unit, that should use these stop codes:

Click tab "Stop codes":

Click the "Import stop codes" button:

Select your excel file in the file selector:

Click the "Upload" button:

And the stop codes has now been created:

Import stop codes from one unit to another unit

You can copy the stop codes setup from one unit to another by using the Export stop codes button in site Configuration->Unit tab Stop codes:

Here you receive a excel file with the stop reasons and stop code paired together, as they are configured for the unit:

This file can be used to import stop codes to a another unit, by selecting another unit:

And using the Import stop codes, for that unit:

Click Browse:

And selecting stop code excel file for import: