How to export data

Purpose of exporting data

Data can be exported from the cloud to the local PC using an export functionality. This allows one or more tags to be downloaded for a specific time and duration.

How to export data

Exportation of data is done in the real-time interface by selecting "Export data".

To export data, the from date and to date and time needs to be specified.

Next, the relevant tags should be selected using the add new tag option.

When all tags are added, clicking the Download data button will initiate the downloading process. This may take a while as the data is collected and packed.

In some cases, more settings are needed. This can be unlocked by clicking Show advanced options.

Clicking this option reveals the column delimiter and the decimal separator. The former specifies which delimiter is used to separate each tag. The decimal separator can be selected as either dot "." or comma ",".

The text qualifier can be used, if special characters are needed to distinguish between data values and text.

Round timestamp is used when data needs to be rounded off. The rounding is done from ms. Thus, 10 is to nearest 10 ms, and 1000 is rounded to nearest second.