How to access the real-time application

You can use the real-time application for two main purposes

  • To monitor live values
  • To see historical data over a specific time period.

Additionally, you are able to

  • Set up alarms when specified values exceed a defined thresshold
  • Export data to Excel for local storage

How to access the real-time application

When you have logged in to your DIAP website, choose the clock icon in the top right menu.

The real-time main menu includes the following sub-items:

  1. Main: This menu item includes the dashboards where values are monitored. Main can be used by operators.
  2. Designer: This is where you design your dashboards. You can design dashboards exactly as you wish depending on the values and widgets that you wish to use. 
  3. Alarms: This is where you set up alarms. Alarm can be set up to send or show an alert when a certain value exceeds a specified threshold.
  4. Export data: Here, you can select the data that you wish to export and download to your own PC. You can export all collected data.