How about data security?

Data security is important. This is why we have designed DIAP in a way that ensures maximum security in all aspects.

Multi-level information security

DIAP is equipped with multi-level information security to ensure that the collected data is protected in the best possible way.

Highest security standards available

We have secured every element of the DIAP data flow with the highest security standards available to guarantee end-to-end security.

Restricted user privileges

The system has restricted user privileges. Users are grouped as full access administrators or restricted access operators. Each user has a unique password with two-factor authentication.

Regular updates

We update the DIAP software on a regular basis to make sure that we always meet the highest security standards and  to protect against the latest threats.

Local protection

  • The latest Linux security features incl. extended DAC
  • A key management subsystem for managing cryptographic keys within the kernel


  • Complete infrastructure: SQL database, website and IoT hub


  • Highest security standards
    Secure connection: TLS 1.2 and RSA with HMAC-SHA256 symmetric keys and signature
    VPN or cloud access

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