Creating a DIAP map

Requirement before proceeding:

  1. The checkpoint of the map has to be manually input under the DIAPs setting under the configuration. See the final section on this page.


Go to the Live application in the DIAP platform and enter the 'Designer'.

Press the '+ Add Widget' and select the 'DIAPs Map'.  

A pop-up will occur when the DIAPs map has been chosen.

Choose the DIAP which has to be included in the map.
See example below.

Press 'Save changes' when finished.

The map will now show the chosen DIAPs on the map.

Setting the location of a DIAP

Press the 'cogwheel'.

Press 'DIAPs' in the menu.

Find the correct DIAP and select the pencil.

A pop-up will occur.

Find and select the correct position on the map and press 'Save changes'.

The position of the DIAP will now be able to be visualized in the Live application.