Configuration of IFM TCP/IP protocol


DIAP currently supports the IFM TCP/IP protocol. The following guide describes how to configure the DIAP in order to make use of the IFM TCP/IP protocol. The protocol is used for IFM IO Link Master.


You will need to have specificed an IP address on the IFM IO Link Master.

In the screenshot below, an example of a setup of the IFM IO Link Master can be seen.

IP can be specified on the IFM IO Link Master itself, by using the provided IFM software.

The port has to be 80 for this protocol, in order to connect to the IFM IO Link Master.

Tag details

Each sensor can be selected by using the port number as shown in the screenshot below.

Information regarding datatype, byte offset and length can be found in the specific sensor IFM documentation. This will vary between the different sensors, as they provide different data/information.

In the IFM software, it is possible to have a complete overview of all the sensors connected to the IFM IO Link Master.


It is also possible to see internal properties of the IO Link Master itself. If "Device's internal property" is chosen, then an internal property name can be stated from the IFM software. This could be:

  • temperature
  • voltage

 ** If you cannot access data from the PLC, then please take look at: Configuring DIAP to reach PLCs