Configuration of DIAP for EthernetIP (Legacy)

This protocol uses the "Legacy" Protocol engine.

PLC configuration

This is a short introduction only. Please see the article Configuration of PLCs for a complete guide.

  1. Select Ethernet/IP to communicate with the industrial ethernet protocol (EIP).
  2. Specify the CPU type and IP of the PLC.

Tag configuration

Enter Browse path, Reading number and Tag's textual name.

The Browse path is required for LGX and optional for PLC/SLC/MLGX IOI path to facilitate access to the PLC from the DIAP gateway (Browse path is not necessary for SLC).

This example translates as BACKPLANE -> SLOT 2.

Example of accessing tag located in a program:

The syntax is "Program:<ProgramName>.<Tag>"

Example of accessing a tag in a CompactLogix PLC

Browse path is set to 1,0 - 1 being the virtual backplane and always 0 for the controller