About the real-time application

Real-time production insight

The DIAP real-time application gives you immediate insight into your production.

By collecting and visualizing data in real-time, you can see how specific parts of your machinery is running – you can for example see the temperature in a specific part of your machinery, measure the vibrations of a mechanical component and get an overview of the power consumption of your entire plant.

The information will let you react to irregularities immediately and optimize your production based on accurate data.

Intuitive dashboard builder

The DIAP real-time application is intuitive and easy to use, and the dashboard builder lets you design the look and feel of each single dashboard.

You can design dashboards aimed at different user groups, e.g. plant management, maintenance staff and operators.

The dashboards will give each user group a clear overview of the current status of the production, enabling them to make the right decisions at the right time. The benefits are many – higher output, better product quality, less downtime and reduced costs.

Monitor equipment

Monitoring your equipment in real-time will give you a fact-based overview of your production. With the DIAP real-time application, you can monitor all types of parameters depending on your specific production set-up. e.g.:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Power consumption
  • Vibrations
  • Produced units

Manage alarms

The DIAP real-time application allows you to set up alarms and send notifications to relevant personnel by e-mail or text message. This will let you react to issues immediately and even avoid errors before they occur.

  • Set alarm limits
  • Send alarms to relevant persons
  • Visualize and document alarms
  • Compare alarms

Visualize production status

By applying the DIAP real-time application, you will get a complete visual overview of your production.

  • You can compare data across production lines and sites enabling you to optimize equipment for the highest possible performance level.
  • You can insert a layout drawing of a part of your production (e.g. a robot) customized at your specific need for information.