25/08 2020 release: Configuration/Maintenance

The following updates have been included for the DIAP Configuration

  • New function added: It will now be much easier to see if a DIAP is online or not when clicking on "DIAPs" under Configuration.
    • Icon will be displayed next to "Status".

The following updates have been included for the DIAP Maintenance

  • New widget added: Introducing a new graph widget able to handle many data points and display these faster.
    • Old graph widget will be maintained until further notice as customers are using this. However, we encourage you to switch to the new graph type to improve the user experience.
  • New function added: Possibility to export and import Maintenance dashboards and import them to other customers.
    • Can be found in the Maintenance application under "Designer" in the top bar.
  • New function added: It is now possible to import and export alarms and make use of these on other customers.
    • The added function can be found under "Alarms" in the Maintenance application.
  • Various bug fixes to the Maintenance application.