20/07 2021 release: Configuration & Maintenance

A new version of the Configuration and Maintenance application has been released

Configuration application

  • Mass edit of tags has been implemented. The functionality can be found under configuration of PLC/sensor. It enables the possibility to modify multiple tags at once.

All tags can be marked by using:
Each individual tag can be chosen by using the checkbox for each tag:

Once some tags has been chosen, then the button "Modify selected (x)" can be used - x will represent the amount of tags chosen.

Hereafter a pop-up will occur on the screen, where it is possible to mass edit the tags chosen. If any values are entered or changed, then all the selected tags will be changed to this. If fields are left empty, then they will not be changed.

In the following example I'm only changing the Scan rate to 100 ms and setting "OEE tag" to be enabled for the 3 tags:

Thereafter "Save changes" can be pressed and the 3 tags will be changed at once.

Maintenance application

  • Addition to widget Data report: It is now possible to not have a master tag, but simply make use of the intervals. Example can be seen underneath:

Which will show the widget as the following without a master tag:

Master tag can be enabled and used by pressing the "star".

  • Addition to widget Data report:It is now possible to export the data from Data report directly to Excel by using .

  • Intervals has been added to the alarm in order to make it possible to give an alarm once a certain interval has been reached. A starting value and interval can be input the switch is changed from the regular alarm to interval (enable "Used interval").

Starting value will be when the alarm starts counting the intervals.
Interval will represent when the alarm should give an alarm (once the interval has been reached).


The alarm will start once the value has reached 100, and give an alarm every 50 count therefrom.

  • Addition to Line Chart: It is now possible to enable to have a trend line shown in the graph, which takes into account the data within the graph and the time period you are looking into. See underneath for an example.

From the above screenshot, then it is easy to see that the trendline of the tag "CPU Usage" is upwards going.

  • Addition to Alarm widget: It is now possible to export alarms directly to Excel from the widget itself.

  • There are 2 additions to Export data:

1) It is now possible to see the tag name in the export together with the tag ID (this setting is the new default). New export will look like in the example below:

If you want to disable this, then it can be changed under "Show advanced options".

2) It is now possible to "Load" and "Save" tag setups, so it can be easily used in another session.
Save: Will save a .json file, which can be used to load in at a later point to quickly have the same tags. The file will also be possible to share with other users within the same company.
Load: Will provide the possibility to add a .json file which contains a certain amount of tags that can be loaded into the tag table.

Depending on the browser then it may be required for you to clear your cache in order to see the latest functionalities.

If there are any questions to this update, then please contact support@dataintel.dk.