17/11 2021 release: Maintenance

A new version of the Maintenance application has been released

  • It is now possible to have the DIAP location updated by the user of information from a GPS device. The new functionality can be found under configuration of the DIAP. A new function has been added under the map: Enable "Use tags for real-time location" to see the functionality.

If "Use tags for real-time location" is enabled, then it will be possible to determine a device and tags for latitude and longitude.

The device therefore has to be attached to the DIAP.
  • A new "network status window" has been added to the DIAP configuration. It is now possible to see more information regarding the network adapters and gateways. Furthermore, it is possible to see information about Wi-Fi such as signal quality, frequency and much more. This will assist in making it easier to see the exact DIAP configuration setup.


  • Addition to Event log. It is now possible to delete non-relevant or old messages within the Event log. Once the delete button has been pressed, then the log will be deleted and the deleted event log on the graphs will disappear. 

  • New addition to graphs: It is not possible to have a master and child relationship between data shown on a graph. This allows the possibility to only have shown the child data once the master tag has information. This will make it easier to distinguish between multiple data on a graph which are depended on other data. This functionality can only be found once the graph is set to use historical data (in real time is will be hidden). The functionality is called "Master tags (beta)":

Once "Master tags (beta)" has been enabled, then the following section can be seen once new tags has been added.

The master tag must be added to the graph, once it has been added, then it is possible to select that a certain tag should follow the master tag data. Above selection will make the graph look like (the tag "Swap usage" only has data certain times through the day which "CPU Usage" has to obey):

  • Various optimization and bug fixes has been implemented. Further development of stability has been a main focus.

  • Firmware version 36 has been released for the DIAP hardware.

Depending on the browser then it may be required for you to clear your cache in order to see the latest functionalities.

If there are any questions to this update, then please contact support@dataintel.dk.