15/09 2020 release: Configuration/Maintenance

The following updates have been included for the DIAP Configuration and Maintenance

  • English, Danish, German and Polish languages has been introduced to the Configuration and Maintenance application
  • It is now possible to hide inactive users under "Settings" in Configuration.
  • Various bug fixes has been done in the applications
  • Using "Only send changes" on "Line Chart 2" has been improved. It will now be able to draw the line to the end of the time in the graph.

It was previously shown as:

Now it will be shown as the following by drawing the line even though there has been no changes to the data:

The yellow dot will show that the value has been calculated in the browser and is not real data. The graph will adapt once data is received.

It be used when creating "Line Chart 2" and enabling "Improved display on only send changes tags (beta)"