14/06 2022 release: OEE/Web API

A new version of the OEE application has been released

The following updates have been added to the OEE application.

1. Minor changes in appearance.

We are continuing to update our tools to a more modern look. This time the Reject report has changed appearance.

The data table when adding or editing reject transactions has been updated:

And the buttons in the data table have been replaced with icons:

The functionality is the same as before.

2. Production Status: Remove order/product selection

Implemented a new unit setting to indicate whether order handling is done by the operator or a signal (PLC TAG).

This affects both the Production Status and Operator views.

Production Status view

Operator view

3. Added Shift name to the info popup in the OEE report

When selecting shift as period then the "info popup" now contains the name of the shift.

4. Added total time to the label in the Period report

When activating the "Show label" in the Period report, the label now included the stops total time as well as the time per stop.

5. Fix: Name of configured break reason in views did not update

When using break buttons in the Production status  & Operator views, the reason name was cached and didn't update when changing language or renaming the reason.

6. Fix: Export Stop Codes & Stop Causes didn't include all rows

When exporting Stop Codes or Stop Causes to Excel, not every row was exported. Only what was cached in the data grid whas added to excel file (usually 50 -100 records).

7. Updated GetOeeCurrentOrder in web API

Extended the returned data with order and product information.

The dataset now includes OrderId, Product & Product Type.

8. Updated GetOEE  in web API

Extended the returned data with order and product information.

When using "order" as the interval, the dataset now includes OrderId, Product & Product Type.



Depending on the browser, then it may be required for you to clear your cache in order to see the latest functionalities.

If there are any questions to this update, then please contact support@dataintel.dk