09/09 2020 release: OEE

OEE Application

  • Addition to Production status/Operator screen: It is now possible to determine if the data should be shown for either active order, active shift or X amount of hours back.
  • New feature to Production status/operator screen: A feature for employee to insert their name or ID to be used for history when choosing stop causes (name can be seen under Stop history).
  • Addition to FactoryView: It is now possible to have a black background in order to easier see the data from the production.
  • Additions to operator screen
    • There has been changes to the design of the operator screen. It is now possible to determine the detail level of information shown
    • A new "break" button (number 2) has been added
    • Possibility to have the operator screen as full screen
  • Change to Stop history: It is now possible to add comments to stops, which does not have comment yet.
  • Addition to Stop causes: It is now possible to choose if "Require comment" is required or optional. If option is chosen, then it is optional if the operator wants to write an comment.
  • Addition to Product type: It is now possible to change ICT for a whole product type grouping.
  • Addition to Subscription: There is a now an option to retrieve real time data into the subscription report (raw values).
  • Product description has been included in order reports and under the different views.
  • New data source added: StopCode and stop when no production
  • New page: Introduced a new page called "Company settings".
    • The first settings under here is to define definition type of ideal cycle type (seconds per. pcs / psc. per hour / pcs. per minute)
    • Enabling of "user defined operators in report stop" through the OEE-application
  • Multiple langues: It is now possible to select between the following lanauges within the platform: English (default), Danish, German and Polish.