09/07 2020 release: OEE/API


  • Added function to retrieve a list of all tags connected to the active customer
  • Added possibility to get array of data from the API call

OEE Application

  • Added functionality to Event Server/Automatic order change: Possibility to select certain time for automatic start of new order.
  • Production status: option for 1 or 2 decimal in OEE data
  • It is now possible to define ideal cycle time with 3 decimals.
  • New operator screen now has the possibility to have a pop-up if a stop reason needs categorization
  • Stop cause graph now have the possibility to show three of stop reasons. According to how the stop reasons has been setup according to parents and children
  • Stop cause has the possibility to show "total stop time/amount of stops" as a static view.
  • New method of handling login. The cookie will now be saved in the cloud.
  • PDF icon under "Subscription" can now be seen no matter which resolution is used.
  • Various bug fixes