07/07 2021 release: OEE

A new version of the OEE application has been released

The following updates have been added to OEE application.

1. User defined operators paired with orders can now be set via tags in Data sources

In Configuration-> Data source:

In Data source Order and Product, a Operator Diap tag is added, which can provide the name of the operator:

It is also available in Data source Product change (Order change follows product):

2. Production table report in subscription can use orders as intervals or group the data by orders

In Reports-> Subscription:

In a subscription with a ProductionTable report:

You can now select Order as an Interval:

Which will split the data into periods of the orders:

You can also group the data by order:

3. OEE reports excludes data from periods, that hasn't any planned production in them by default

In Reports-> OEE:

There is a checkbox Include no production now:

With this unchecked, periods that are only in Sheduled Loss Time, will have their data excluded from the graph:

With Include no production checked, the periods data is included again:

4. Stop causes reports can show stop causes over multiple units for comparison

In Reports-> Stop causes:

In settings there is graph type Unit by Unit:

Which shows the stops per unit:

And Stop by stop:

Which shows the stops per stop cause:

5. OEE api is expanded with function GetOeeCurrentOrder

Function GetOeeCurrent list OEE data for the current order for the specified units:

6. Stop cause tree uses Contains as default filter type

In Configuration-> Stop causes:

The filter uses Contains as default filter type:

7. Stop cause on mobile devices

Improved usability in Configuration-> Stop causes on mobile devices.

Stop causes was hard to read on smaller displays, and because of the drag and drop functionality it was not possible to scroll on touch devices. Drag and drop has been disabled on touch devices, so it is possible to scroll on them.

Depending on the browser then it may be required for you to clear your cache in order to see the latest functionalities.

If there are any questions to this update, then please contact our support at: support@dataintel.dk.